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Stop Squeaky Wood Floors by Using the Right Fastener

If you’re involved in selling or installing hardwood floors, you have probably had to solve a “squeaky floor” problem for a customer. Nobody likes it when their brand new hardwood floors start squeaking. Prefinished flooring manufacture warranties do not cover noise issues because they are job site related, and it can be a difficult problem …

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Wood Floor Moisture and Acclimation Guide

Moisture issues can affect hardwood flooring at every part of the installation process, from acclimating your wood floors to doing repairs after an installation. To guide you through the various moisture and acclimation issues, we’ve pulled together some helpful resources from our own experience and from industry experts. These resources will give you an overview …

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How to Silence the 4 Types of Squeaky Floors

For those of you who have stepped in an older home with wood floors, you’ve probably heard the squeaks. It can be quaint and charming, it may even remind you of Grandma’s house. But for those living in the house hearing the squeaking all the time, it may be a nuisance and you really just …

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