Fix the Board, Not the Floor: A guide to wood floor touch ups

“I want this floor replaced!”

As a flooring professional – whether you work out of a showroom or your own truck – you know that phrase is one of the worst things you can hear over the phone or in person.

The truth is, there are a hundred things that can go wrong during a wood floor installation. Some things are under your control, but many aren’t.

If you’re on a job site with other trades, there’s a good chance someone could have walked across your floor with a piece of metal sticking out of their boot.

Maybe the homeowners scratched the floor during move-in, or their kids chipped a board when they dropped something heavy.

Or, perhaps, one of your installers just made a mistake or overlooked something.

The reality is, it doesn’t really matter whose fault it is. Your customer isn’t happy, and you’re not getting a good review unless you can fix the problem.

But do you really have to replace the whole floor, or do a complete re-sand or re-coat?

Maybe not.

Fix the board, not the floor with a wood floor touch up kit

One of the best tools and skills you can have as a flooring professional is a good wood floor touch up kit, and the ability to fix problems that seem big to the homeowner, but are actually pretty isolated.

  • What if you could make that bright white scratch go away?
  • What if you could fill in that open knot hole so nobody could tell?
  • What if you could fix a deep gouge so that even a professional couldn’t tell where it was?
  • What if you could fix a chipped edge on a board without doing a full board replacement?

The truth is, your homeowner doesn’t really want to go through the time and hassle of having a floor torn out and replaced, or re-sanded.

What if you could make problems like these – problems that stand out like a sore thumb – go away without bringing in your sander, buffer, or a whole new lot of flooring?

Imagine that after you’ve finished the repair, your customer is so impressed with your ability to fix the problem, your attention to detail, and felt that you really cared about giving them the best floor possible, that they left you a rave review?

That is what a wood floor touch up kit, and the confidence to know how to use it, can do for your business.

What is a wood floor touch up kit?

In the following video, we’ll show you what exactly a wood floor touch up kit is, and what tools and materials you need.

Ready to start building your wood floor touch up kit?

We’ve put together a PDF checklist of the items you’ll want to start with.

Download the checklist here:

Download PDF

We’ve also put together an shopping list with most of the items shown in the video (some aren’t available online). Order your kit today.

With the right mindset you’ll likely come across new tools and techniques to solve all sorts of problems with floors. Leave room in your bag for your kit to grow!

How do I use a wood floor touch up kit to fix problems?

With a proper wood floor touch up kit, you can fix problems like:

We’ve put together five, 5-minute videos to show you how to fix problems like these


Click the links above to watch the videos, or head over to our YouTube channel to see these and more.

Have you had success using a wood floor touch up kit?

Let us know in the comments if you’ve had success using a wood floor touch up kit, and how it has helped your business.

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