How To Clean Wood Flooring

You shouldn’t have to be confused or uncertain when it comes to cleaning and maintaining hardwood flooring. Follow these recommendations to protect your investment.

Cleaning and maintenance guides

Taking proper care of your wood floors is the best way to help them last for a lifetime. Download our cleaning and maintenance guides so you will know what steps to take to keep your floors looking great.

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Wood Floor Cleaning Guide

Wood Floor Cleaning Guide


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Many products in big box stores claim to safely clean hardwood floors. However, they often will leave harmful residues and buildup that will make your floor shiny and clean for a little while, but eventually cause a cloudy haze that is almost impossible to remove.

Cleaning and Maintenance Articles

Need to get a humidifier? Have a long white scratch on your dark floor? See our articles below to learn more about maintaining your wood floors.


Why You Need A Whole Home Humidifier To Protect Your Wood Floors

Why You Need A Whole Home Humidifier To Protect Your Wood Floors

Many homeowners spend thousands of dollars on new wood floors that might end up ruined, because they don’t have a whole home humidifier – which costs a fraction of the price of their floors. Imagine going through the process of putting new hardwood floors throughout your house. First you go through the design process. Then you move all your furniture out, move your family out, and after waiting several days, you finally have a beautiful… Read more

4 Ways NOT to clean your wood floors

4 Ways NOT To Clean Your Wood Floors

Wood floors are known for their durability and easy maintenance requirements. But, you might be hurting your floors or the finish that protects them by cleaning them the wrong way. The wood floors in your home are designed to last for many years, if not the entire life of your home – if you take care of them properly. In this article, we outline four methods you should avoid when cleaning your hardwood floors. Wet… Read more

How to prepare your wood floor for the holidays

How to Prepare Your Wood Floor for the Holidays

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year! Which means that it’s also time for baking sugar cookies, warming up your wood fireplace, and getting your home ready for friends and family. In the midst of all the caroling, parties and gift shopping, there’s one thing that often goes forgotten: cleaning your wood floors. Don’t forget your wood floors this season Snow, mud, sugar, turkey pieces, dog hair, pine needles – just a few… Read more

gutters and wood floors

How cleaning your gutters can save your wood floors

You may not think that the gutters on the outside of your home can have an affect on your wood floors, but the two are closely related. Properly maintained gutters and landscaping around your home will let water flow away from your home, not towards it. Gutters that are broken or not working well will cause water to seep into the ground right next to your foundation. Whether or not you have a basement or… Read more

Allergies & Wood Floors

Got allergies or asthma? Wood floors can help!

You know the symptoms: red, scratchy eyes. Sneezing, coughing, rashes, and worse. For those suffering from allergies or asthma, the stress of always trying to avoid triggers or getting through those times of the year when allergies are the worst can take its toll on you and your family. Your home should be a place to rest and be safe from the typical things that trigger your body’s painful allergic reactions. But often the very… Read more

Wood Floor Cleaning Guide

Wood Floor Cleaning Guide: What to use, what to avoid, and how to clean your wood floor

Wood floors should last a lifetime with proper care, but many homeowners are confused when it comes to cleaning their floors. Which products should I use? Which products should I avoid? How do I clean my floor without damaging it? How often does my floor need to be cleaned? There are many products you can find at big box and supermarket stores that promise a clean floor but can leave a hazy residue over time… Read more

Why wood floors are best for kids and pets

Kids and pets can be dangerous – for your floors, that is. The combination of small humans and animals running around, playing, drooling, and doing what kids and pets do, takes a toll on your house in general. Your floors are the single surface you and your family spend the most time touching in your home. You need to make sure your floors can handle all that your family can throw, drop, or spill on… Read more

Wood Floor Scratches: 3 Ways to Protect Your Wood Floors

Wood Floor Scratches: 3 Ways to Protect Your Wood Floors

The first scratch is always the worst. Whether your car, your shiny iPhone, or your new hardwood floors, a scratch or gouge can make you feel like the whole thing is ruined. For a while, a few more marks of “wear and tear” get added in. Then slowly over time you accept that your brand new floor is no longer brand new. It’s been lived on. “Wear and tear” is an inevitable part of owning… Read more

How To Fix A Deep Gouge in Wire-Brushed Wood Flooring

A deep gouge in a wire brushed floor may seem like a nightmare to fix, and a good candidate for a full board replacement. If the gouge is deep enough, the raw wood is probably showing through. Plus, the wire-brushed texture makes this seem like a complicated fix that putty is not going to do the trick on. But, with a wood floor touch up kit and the proper tools, you can make a deep… Read more