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Unfinished wood flooring, prefinished wood flooring, and all related sundries and supplies are in stock every day.

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Prefinished Flooring

Prefinished wood floors allow you to get the highest quality finish and unique designer looks in a format that is easy and fast to install.

Real Wood Floors

Tradewinds Flooring

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Our comprehensive guide to prefinished flooring
Our comprehensive guide to prefinished flooring

Prefinished Flooring Buying Guide

Choosing a new prefinished floor can be a daunting task. With all the different options to consider, it can be hard to know where to start. Our buying guide walks through all of them, from the types of cuts and textures to the differences between solid and engineered. 

A gallery of all of our prefinished flooring
A gallery of all of our prefinished flooring

Prefinished Flooring Gallery

Find the perfect flooring fit for yourself or your customer. Our Gallery includes our entire selection of solid and engineered prefinished flooring that can be sorted by type, color, width, and more. Check it out to see what would look best in your space.

Installation and Warranty Guides

Need to know which type of fastener to use on your next project? Find out everything you need to know to install any of our prefinished floors. All the installation instructions and warranties are included. 


Unfinished Flooring

Unfinished flooring gives you the ultimate flexibility and ability to customize your floor to your exact specifications.


Unfinished Flooring Guide
Unfinished Flooring Guide

There are many options and variables when it comes to unfinished flooring. We’re familiar with them all and can source just about anything when it comes to wood flooring. Use this guide as a reference when quoting your next job, and let us help you find a floor that you will be proud to give your customers.

Unfinished Flooring Grading Guide
Grading Guide

We partner with flooring mills across the country to provide a diverse selection of unfinished hardwood flooring. As a way for you to compare different species, mills, and grades, we have put together a visual guide of many of our unfinished flooring options.

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We have a full catalog of gym floor sanding & finishing products.

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Professional Supplies


Professionals know that quality products make a big difference on the job site. We stock everything you need to install, sand, and finish a hardwood floor.

Installation supplies

Sanding supplies

Finishing supplies

Stair Parts & Moldings

Machines and Tools

Cleaning & Maintenance

Taking proper care of your wood floors is the best way to help them last for a lifetime. Download our cleaning and maintenance guides so you will know what steps to take to keep your floors looking great.


Partner Flooring Brands

We distribute the many brands within our territory. You can visit these manufacturer’s websites for more information, or contact us to get a quote.SEE ALL OUR PARTNERS