Your Guide to Hardwood Flooring Moisture and Acclimation

Moisture and Acclimation Guide

Moisture issues can affect hardwood flooring at every part of the installation process, from acclimating your wood floors to doing repairs after an installation.

To guide you through the various moisture and acclimation issues, we’ve pulled together some helpful resources from our own experience and from industry experts. These resources will give you an overview of what to know about moisture content and how to properly evaluate moisture conditions before an install.

Understanding Moisture Content

Did you know that water makes up 2/3 of the weight of a living tree? Even after the wood goes through the seasoning process where water is removed, it still can gain and lose moisture. This article from the NFWA Hardwood Floors Magazine will give you a better understanding of how moisture affects wood and why moisture testing is so critical to a proper install.

Why You Need to Measure Moisture Content in Wood Subflooring

Why do you need to measure subflooring too? Since it’s also wood, it can be just as affected by moisture as the flooring. Another resource from NWFA, this article will cover all that you need to know about reading a subfloor’s moisture content.

The Slab Truth

Whether you are working with a homeowner or are one yourself, it is important to know the moisture conditions of a home before installing a wood floor. This article gives a great overview of important things to look for and ways that you can avoid problems in the future.

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Warning Signs of Moisture Problems

Wagner Meters gives a helpful overview to common warning signs of moisture-related problems in hardwood floors. The guide covers both visible and invisible indicators of moisture problems.

How to Choose a Moisture Meter

Choosing a moisture meter doesn’t have to be hard. Use this guide to help you learn more about the meters and what we recommend.

Acclimation 101

The best way to avoid moisture related problems is proper job site preparation, and that includes acclimating your solid hardwood flooring to the home before you install it. Check out our Wood Flooring Acclimation 101 video that will walk you through the steps of properly acclimating your floor.




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