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We are your go-to wood flooring supplier in Arkansas.

“Great folks, great products, great service! Will return for many more projects.” Robert Sample

NW Arkansas

5427 Market Street, Bethel Heights, AR 72764
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Hours: Monday – Friday 7am to 4pm


Mark Wagner
(476) 756-2100

NW Arkansas

Ron Canada
(918) 622-9591

Services Offered

Pro Shop, Machine Repair & Sales, Jobsite Delivery, Sales & Quoting, Species Testing, Custom Vents, Custom Flooring, Wood Floor Training, Design Showroom

Products We Stock

Unfinished Wood Flooring, Prefinished Wood Flooring, Fasteners, Underlayment, Nailers, Mallets, Knee Pads, Adhesives, Sand Paper, Applicators, T-bars, Oil-based Finishes, Water-based Finishes, Moisture-cure finishes, Stain, Mineral Spirits, Putty, Filler, Moldings, Treads, Risers, and more.

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