acclimation 101

Wood Flooring Acclimation 101

In our experience, when things go wrong on a wood flooring job it is usually related to moisture. The best way to avoid moisture related problems is proper job site preparation, and that includes acclimating your solid hardwood flooring to the home before you install it.

Acclimating wood flooring to the job site allows the wood to adjust to the humidity level and temperature of the home. Wood is hygroscopic, and it will actually expand as it takes on moisture from the air, or shrink as it dries out. It is important that these changes happen before the floor is nailed or glued down, or else the stresses created once the floor is in place can cause damage to the flooring.

Check out our Wood Flooring Acclimation 101 video that will walk you through the steps of properly acclimating your solid hardwood floor.

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