Wood And Color

Wood and Color


You have un-painted wood in your home – I knew there was something I liked about you!  Well, I have plenty of wood tones in my home from trim, floor, cabinets, and furniture.  Finding paint colors that play nice with it all can be a little tricky, not to mention the juggling act of finding the right ratio of wood to other colors, textures, and materials.  With this post, I’ll give you some strategies to navigate you through the sea of wood.  So, here’s your little break in the TMC blog from tools, techniques, and shop talk, to tap into the more aesthetic side of wood.

Floor and Trim

There are two styles that can be used to manage floor and trim. One strategy is to match the warmth and intensity of a wood floor to the trim.  From there you can pick a wall color to compliment and start building a good foundation for the room.  With these two woods elements working together, you can create a nice harmony.

The other approach is to use white trim. This is where you have the most creative license with color.  White trim is a great neutral that allows you to go for colorful walls and opens up your choices for wood flooring.

Wall Color

When you have trim and floor in natural wood tones, finding the right color to paint your walls is tricky.  I think the hardest wood tones to work with are the medium ones.  They have enough intensity where you need to be a little more conservative with your wall color.  If you have wood that is lighter or darker, they lean more towards neutral tones giving you a little more liberty with color.


So we’ve talked about rooms where we’ve created a foundation of neutrals with our walls and trim.  This is where you bring in accent pieces to bring life to the space.  On the other hand, if you have some bolder choices and contrast going on with your wood and walls, tone it down with neutral pieces.

Time to Create your Space

So what are your favorite color and wood combinations?  We hope this helps you get started with the design strategy for your space.  The Master’s Craft has many wood flooring options to work with to create a space that reflects your personality and creates the mood you want.  For more resources, check out our Pinterest board with great articles and pictures to help you with more ideas.

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