What Does Business as Mission Mean?
What Does Business as Mission Mean?

What Does Business As Mission Mean?

You may have heard us talk about our philosophy of “business as mission.”

But what does this really mean?

Changing the why and the way people do business

Our mission is to change the why and the way people use business. We believe that one of our biggest callings is to use our everyday skills and resources to help those in our local community and internationally. Along with that, we want to encourage others to do the same.

“[Our] unique mission is to teach people how to do business as missions,” explained Daniel Elbrecht, our Southern Regional Manager. “You don’t have to sacrifice your skills and a career and vocation to go make the world a better place in your mission. They can both come together.”

For us, this often looks like donating lumber and installing new floors for those in need as the opportunities come up. To do this, we often team up with our suppliers and customers to supply the materials.

For our project in NW Arkansas, we worked with Buffalo River to source the cypress lumber used to build a new deck for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Benton County. We’ve also worked with Real Wood Floors many times for flooring projects, like the Still Creek Ranch installation.

Building a new deck for the Children's Advocacy Center
Building a new deck for the Children’s Advocacy Center.

Daily business as mission

Like Mark Wagner, our Northwest Arkansas manager, describes, “This mission is not just business or mission. It’s business as mission, it’s as you go, whatever you’re doing, you should have a ministry.”

We also are firm believers in the power of relationships and caring for those who come into our stores every day, whether it’s customers or our coworkers. One of our core values is to elevate people – guiding them to success in their business and personal lives.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s just taking an order and listening to the guy that’s having a bad day. Or recognizing that a guy’s a little off because he’s got things going on at home,” explained Mark. “We all have a story and we all have things on the inside that we may be struggling with. Just learning to care, and to love, and to reach out, and to be a friend, and not just a business partner. But to take the relationship beyond a sales order and an invoice.”

Installing a new floor at Still Creek Ranch in Texas.
Installing a new floor at Still Creek Ranch in Texas.

“It may seem like work, but it’s the very best kind of work. It’s the most satisfying work I feel like a person can do, is serve others” – Mark

A global perspective

In addition to being involved in our local communities and customers’ lives, we also are very aware of needs around the world.

Through The Master’s Craft Foundation, we have been able to help incredibly effective people doing ministry and important work in some of the most difficult places around the globe.

We believe that business done the right way can be a powerful force for good in our local communities and around the world. We look for ways to invite our employees and customers and vendors to be a part of it.

Using your business to give back

“We get to help show [our customers and employees] that they don’t have to just give money to different ministries and charities,” explained Daniel. “Although that’s great and is definitely a need, they can also use their time, their effort, their talent, even if it’s just being a craftsman, and just laying floors.”

We also encourage our customers to think of their businesses and skills as resources for helping others. Although many organizations need financial supporters, giving your time and skills can be just as beneficial.

“People value money in our culture quite a bit, but the most valuable resource that I have is my time,” observed Mark. “I want to invest that time in the places that matter most, and that’s in the lives of others.”

Giving back doesn’t require a lot of resources either – just some time and willingness to seek out opportunities.

Wondering how you can use your business as mission to help others? Here are 3 simple ways to use your time and skills to help your local community:

  1. Research and find an organization that works with a cause that you relate to. Ask them if they’re in need of a new floor or need any other type of maintenance work done. They may not need new floors, but they might need some repairs or other touch-ups.
  2. Ask your employees or crew what causes they feel passionate about and consider offering a matching donation fund, or paid time off to serve those causes.
  3. Invite your customers and suppliers to be a part of your business as mission by letting them know what you are involved in and specific ways they can help.

Learn about our recent projects:

Installing a new floor at Still Creek Ranch, a boarding school for at-risk kids, in Bryan, Texas.

Building a new deck for the Children’s Advocacy Center, a counseling center for child abuse victims, in Little Flock, AR.

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