Watch a time-lapse video of an NCAA Championship court being built

Tomorrow, the NCAA® Men’s Basketball Final Four® games take place in Indianapolis and the final two teams will emerge from March Madness and play for the championship on Monday, April 6th. All three games will take place on a beautiful custom hardwood floor built by Connor Sports which cut down the first of about 100 Northern Rock Maple trees used to make the court only six months ago. We thought it would be interesting to share a time-lapse video of all the work that went into creating the 2013 NCAA Men’s Final Four court by Connor Sports and Prater’s Athletic Flooring. It really is just like any other wood floor…except of course for the riding sanders they use, the intricate and precise paint jobs, and the fact that it will be seen by millions of people on TV.

We hope your bracket still has a chance for success. Check out the video, and enjoy watching the games:




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