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Simple DIY Wood Projects

Simple DIY Wood Projects For An Afternoon

Have some extra wood around or want to check out our 8 for $8 Lake Tahoe board sale? I’m all about simple DIY wood projects, especially when I have the materials. Like many Pinterest and DIY lovers, I often have a hard time knowing where to start, and I sometimes don’t… Read more

Still Creek Ranch Project

Still Creek Ranch Project

We often get questions about how The Master’s Craft is different, and one of the first things we say is that we aim to do business as mission. But what does that actually mean? “We’re very passionate about teaching people that you don’t have to sacrifice your skills and a… Read more

Denver skyline stain wall

Our New Place In Denver

A few months in the making, our Rio Grande grand opening was a big success. “There was a much bigger turnout than I expected. The day was extremely positive and one of the reps said that it was the biggest grand opening he’s ever been to since he started his… Read more

new system

We are launching a new system on May 1

On Tuesday, May 1 we will be launching a new software system. Our goal is to increase customer service, provide greater functionality, and become more efficient to serve our customers. Changes you will notice Starting on May 1, you may notice a few things that are different. We will likely… Read more

Important Notice for Cash Account Customers

Important Notice for our Cash Account Customers

We are upgrading our software systems on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 to provide greater functionality and better customer service. Read more about our software update here. If you have a cash account, there are a few things that will be changing regarding your account on May 1. We will no… Read more

How to repair a gouge on a hardwood floor

How To Fix A Deep Gouge in Wire-Brushed Wood Flooring

A deep gouge in a wire brushed floor may seem like a nightmare to fix, and a good candidate for a full board replacement. If the gouge is deep enough, the raw wood is probably showing through. Plus, the wire-brushed texture makes this seem like a complicated fix that putty… Read more