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How to repair a gouge on a hardwood floor

How To Fix A Deep Gouge in Wire-Brushed Wood Flooring

A deep gouge in a wire brushed floor may seem like a nightmare to fix, and a good candidate for a full board replacement. If the gouge is deep enough, the raw wood is probably showing through. Plus, the wire-brushed texture makes this seem like a complicated fix that putty… Read more

How to fix an open knot on hardwood floor

How To Fix An Open Knot In Wood Flooring

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What causes squeaky floors

What causes squeaky floors?

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scratched wood floor

How To Fix Scratched Wood Flooring With Wax

Fixing scratched wood flooring doesn’t always require a complete resand and refinish. A deep scratch often comes from moving heavy objects across the floor, or forgetting to put felt protectors on furniture legs. Overtime, the normal use of that furniture and the slight movements it makes may leave very deep… Read more