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Can You DIY Your Way to the Perfect Home_

Can You DIY Your Way to the Perfect Home? Maybe Not

Bootstrapping homeowners across the country are throwing on their tool belts and getting their hands dirty with DIY home repairs. But should they? There are tons of home improvement projects that are excellent for DIY. However, many homeowners underestimate how difficult jobs will be and end up overwhelmed with unfinished… Read more

How to sell Vintage Loft

How To Sell Vintage Loft

With bandsaw marks and lots of character, Vintage Loft from Real Wood Floors is reminiscent of worn-in, well-loved floors you see in hundred-year-old buildings. The collection features wide boards (8 1/2″) and long lengths (up to 8′) that show off the reclaimed textures. This year, Real Wood Floors has added… Read more

Color Matched Caulk

Fix wood floor mistakes with color matched caulk

Think of one of your recent wood floor installations. What hiccups and problems occurred? Every wood floor project has its own quirks and issues. Sometimes the floor isn’t perfectly parallel with the wall. Other times, little gaps appear here and there that need to be fixed – especially if a… Read more

Bargain Mansions Belinder House

Durango Floor in Bargain Mansions Belinder House

We were honored to be a part of Kansas City designer Tamara Day’s show “Bargain Mansions.” The last project of season two, the Belinder House, featured Durango “Barley” throughout the Leawood, KS, home. A mother of four, Day started her design business, Growing Days, in 2008 after restoring furniture for… Read more

Why You Need A Whole Home Humidifier To Protect Your Wood Floors

Why You Need A Whole Home Humidifier To Protect Your Wood Floors

Many homeowners spend thousands of dollars on new wood floors that might end up ruined, because they don’t have a whole home humidifier – which costs a fraction of the price of their floors. Imagine going through the process of putting new hardwood floors throughout your house. First you go… Read more

Marked By A Nail

Marked By A Nail

There was a tree that was marked by a nail. The heartwood of this tree was incredibly strong. Throughout its rings of growth, there was not a single blemish. You couldn’t tell this from the exterior, as it looked like every other tree. This tree didn’t accumulate many growth rings,… Read more