Expect Price Increases Due To Tariffs
Expect Price Increases Due To Tariffs

Expect Price Increases Due to Tariffs

As many of you know, the United States government has imposed 10% tariffs on products produced in and imported from China. Many of the prefinished and unfinished wood flooring products we sell are impacted by these tariffs.

Because of this cost increase, we are forced to pass on the changes in the form of price increases. We have not passed on a blanket 10% cost increase, and instead have worked very hard to minimize increases to you. Our hope is to minimize disruption to business. In the past, during times of business disruption in the form of anti-dumping and other trade war tactics, we have sought to keep our pricing stable, and in some cases, we were able to decrease our prices while others were imposing increases.

During times like this, when customers are forced to shop and investigate new products, we hope to insulate you from this stress when buying our flooring. In addition, our hope is to provide you opportunities to win new business with our flooring options. While we could not eliminate the price increases, we worked hard to minimize them, especially with our volume products.

All new pricing is effective immediately. We debated the different options on our policy and unfortunately, this is unavoidable.

However, as a matter of integrity and trust, we will honor all past order pricing. Any new orders placed will be subject to the new pricing.

We also have a number of products that are manufactured outside of China and are unaffected by this trade battle. If you are interested in adding more of these product lines to your showroom, please contact your sales representative for more information.

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