Simple DIY Wood Projects For An Afternoon

Simple DIY Wood Projects For An Afternoon

Have some extra wood around or want to check out our 8 for $8 Lake Tahoe board sale? I’m all about simple DIY wood projects, especially when I have the materials. Like many Pinterest and DIY lovers, I often have a hard time knowing where to start, and I sometimes don’t end up actually completing the project.

To help you in your search for ways to use your extra wood or new Lake Tahoe boards, I’ve collected some simple DIY wood project ideas that only require some extra wood, a few tools and materials, and a free afternoon.

See the colors that are included in the Lake Tahoe boards here.

DIY Wood Letter Decoration from Craft Cuts
DIY Wood Letter Decoration from Craft Cuts.

Create a one of a kind wall decoration

  1. Use wood glue wood letters, numbers, or a design. Use a quote, last name, anniversary date, geometric design, or favorite lyric to make it your own.
  2. Add clips or tacks to create a collage of photos. See how to make it here.

To avoid the boards from falling or damaging your wall, be sure to buy sturdy hooks – these are real wood and will be heavy. Ask your local hardwood store or craft store for suggestions on which type to purchase. 

DIY Wood Photo Frame
DIY Wood Photo Frame tutorial from Our House Now A Home.

Stay organized and stylish

Keep losing your keys? Running out of cabinet space? Whether you need a better organize system for your keys or coats, these sample boards can be used as stylish ways to organize. Again, be sure to buy the right type of hook to hang the board, as well as the right hooks to support what you’re hanging. Click on the photos below to see these simple DIY wood projects.

DIY Coffee Mug Display
DIY Coffee Mug Display from Shanty 2 Chic. See all the steps to make this here.
DIY Coat Hanger
DIY Coat Hanger from Love Create Celebrate. Learn what you need and the steps here.
DIY Entryway Key Organizer
DIY Entryway Key and Shelf Organizer from Bitter Root DIY. Learn how to make this here.

Seems like something that would fit in your home? Get your set of 8 Lake Tahoe boards at our West Plains location – click here for directions. We’ll be open 8 am – 4 pm, Monday – Friday.

Add some green to your home

Succulents have never been more popular, but for those of us who aren’t great plant parents, it can be frustrating to even have these guys die on us. Thankfully, faux plants have also never been more real looking and are easy to find. You can buy lightweight pots to nail or glue onto the boards. A wreath can even be attached to the board for a quick decoration.

DIY Vertical Wall Planter
DIY Vertical Wall Planter from Home Talk. See the full tutorial here.
DIY Wreath Wood Decoration
Just add a wreath for an easy decoration. More simple DIY wood projects at Shanty 2 Chic. Learn how to make this here.
Mason jars wood project
Mason jars with plants wood decoration from Christina’s Adventures. Learn how to make this here.

Build a new midcentury modern coffee table

Maybe the easiest of these simple DIY wood projects – all you need are the legs! This tutorial from Ugly Duckling House walks you through everything you need to know to make a new table. (Puppy not included) See their recommended legs on Amazon here.

Simple DIY Wood Projects
DIY wood table from Ugly Duckling House. See the full tutorial here.

Try one of these simple DIY wood projects this weekend!

Feeling inspired now? Get your set of 8 sample boards for $8 at our West Plains location today – we’ll be selling them during our normal hours, 8 am – 4 pm, all month long through August. Contact us here to place your order. 

Simple DIY Wood Projects
Simple DIY Wood Projects for an afternoon

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