Mesquite Flooring

Stable – Long Lengths – Glue Down Compatible



Did you know that mesquite flooring is the 2nd most stable wood in the world? Mesquite floors are perfect for climates where there are swings in moisture.


Don’t worry about a pet or accident ruining the floor! Mesquite flooring is 2x as hard as white oak with a Janka rating of 2345 (white oak is 1450).

Glue Down Compatible

Because mesquite floors are so stable, it is an ideal solid option for a glue down flooring installation.

Natural Grade Mesquite Flooring

Solid Flooring, 1/2” Thick
Up to 6’ Lengths
Available in 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” Widths

Pre-Filled Knots – No Need For Extra Epoxy
End Matched – Gives a Better Install

mesquite flooring

mesquite floors

What can I expect with Natural Grade Mesquite Floors?

Long Lengths – We don’t sacrifice length for a cleaner look. Our proprietary grade maximizes length while keeping the classic character that mesquite is known for.

Unique Character – Expect a mix of knots, clean grain, and some color variation. Natural Grade hits the sweet spot of some character, but not too much. Any knots or cracks in the boards are pre-filled with black epoxy – no filling needed!

While many species like oak or maple have universal grading systems, mesquite flooring is not graded the same. When comparing suppliers, it’s important to know what you can expect as far as knots, color variation, and lengths.

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