MAPEI Wood Floor Adhesive

MAPEI Wood Floor Adhesives For Hardwood Floor Installation

Choosing the right wood floor adhesive can seem overwhelming with the number of products available.

To help you differentiate and find the best one for your next flooring job, here’s a summary of MAPEI’s lineup of adhesives.

MAPEI ECO 995 – All-in-one moisture barrier, adhesive and sound reduction

Planiseal PMB + ECO 980 – Adhesive and Moisture Barrier System

MAPEI ECO 995 Wood Floor Adhesive
ECO 995 can be used as an all-in-one wood floor adhesive, moisture barrier, and sound reduction product. Remember to always use the clip under the lid!

MAPEI ECO 995 – All-in-One Wood Floor Adhesive

ECO 995 can be used as an all-in-one wood floor adhesive, moisture barrier, and sound reduction product. Before use, you’ll need to do a moisture test.

There’s a clip underneath the lid which you’ll use if you’re going to use it as a moisture barrier. Depending on the thickness of the material that you’re using, you’ll use a certain clip.

When using as a moisture barrier, you have to do a 3 step trowel method, called keying in the adhesive. First, use the smooth side of the trowel to coat over your substrate. This fills in all the little nooks and voids that are there. Next, trowel the adhesive over the entire space. Finally, comb the adhesive perpendicular to the direction of the floor.

By doing this 3-step method you will get total coverage and will be eligible for the warranty. Failing to key in the adhesive will void MAPEI’s warranty.

Popular with many contractors, ECO 980 is MAPEI’s go-to wood floor adhesive for solid, engineered, and bamboo floor installations.

MAPEI ECO 980 Wood Floor Adhesive

ECO 980 is MAPEI’s go-to wood floor adhesive, popular with many installers. You can install solid, engineered, and bamboo floors with it. It trowels out easily and doesn’t require the 3-step method like ECO 995.

The concrete moisture tests required are a calcium chloride test and relative humidity (RH) test. Get the details about these tests here.

Additionally, as MAPEI ECO 980 dries underneath, the floor swell and hides some of the hollow spots that can develop. This is a key differentiator from other adhesives – it gets the job done and hides imperfections as well.

MAPEI Planiseal PMB
PlaniSeal PMB is a roll-on moisture barrier that pairs well with ECO 980 over top.

MAPEI Planiseal PMB – Roll-on Moisture Barrier

PlaniSeal PMB is a roll-on moisture barrier, which is great for those who need an easy application product. If using underneath an adhesive, this product works best with ECO 980 as the adhesive.

Use a quarter-inch nap roller to roll Planiseal PMB across the substrate. A couple of hours later, it will be cured and you’ll be able to glue with the 980. Using both products gives you a system that you don’t have to moisture test.

Because of using Planiseal PMB, you don’t need to trowel 980 in a particular way. You just have to get the glue over the entire area.

Watch how to use this product on Youtube here.

Want to try this product? Call your nearest Master’s Craft and we’ll put you in touch with your local MAPEI representative.

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