How to Sell Saltbox

How to Sell the Saltbox Collection

Weathered texture, random widths, and soft sheen of the Saltbox Collection bring the historic look and feel of the Saltbox style to a home.

First appearing in the mid-17th century, the Saltbox style home was named for its resemblance to the popular kitchen fixture of the day. Known as a New England icon, they featured a unique roofline, timber frame construction, and varied width floors.


Ideal Customer of the Saltbox Collection

Crafted in Hickory and Maple, the Saltbox Collection from Real Wood Floors gives a warm, traditional look. Each box has three mixed widths which show off the worn-in texture and unique grain of the hickory and maple lumber.

The ideal customer for the Saltbox Collection is looking for a timeless, classic wood floor. For those who are looking for a hickory floor, this collection also provides an affordable option.



The Saltbox Collection have a highly durable urethane finish that protects it from normal wear and tear. We always recommend installing a whole-home humidifier to prevent gaps and squeaks. Additionally, only clean these floors with a wood floor safe cleaner and microfiber mop.

Our cleaning page goes through everything you need to know to keep your wood floors looking like new for years to come!

Features of the Saltbox Collection

Variable Lengths Up to 6′
4-6-8″ Mixed Widths
Engineered Construction
Hickory and Maple
2 mm Sliced Veneer
Urethane Finish
Texture: Weathered and Reclaimed

Installation and Warranty Guides

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