How to Sell Ponderosa

How To Sell The Ponderosa Collection

Ponderosa handcrafted planks bring warmth and character into the home for homeowners that want the beauty of a wood floor while keeping their budget and active lifestyle in mind.

Although the 5-inch hand-scraped hickory and birch is a pretty common product in the wood flooring industry, our Ponderosa plank stands out for a couple key reasons.

The first reason is the extra long length planks. Most products in the industry at this entry-level price point are only one to four feet long.

The long length planks in Ponderosa go all the way up to six feet long, so instead of having small little joints coming together that breaks up the floor, you’ll get an elegant looking floor that shows off the full beauty of the lumber.

Another selling point of this floor is the true hand scraping. Rather than doing a machine-scrape where you have ripples all the way across the floor, we hand scrape the surface of each plank.

This gives unique texture, chatter marks, and bevels to each individual board, which creates a more authentic scraped look.


Ideal Customer of the Ponderosa Collection

The ideal customer for the Ponderosa Collection is looking for durable wood floor on a budget. The collection also features genuine texture and long lengths, unlike other machine-scraped products in the industry.



The Ponderosa Collection has a highly durable urethane finish that protects it from normal wear and tear. We always recommend installing a whole-home humidifier to prevent gaps and squeaks. Additionally, only clean these floors with a wood floor safe cleaner and microfiber mop.

Our cleaning page goes through everything you need to know to keep your wood floors looking like new for years to come!

Features of the Ponderosa Collection

3/8″ Thick, 5″ Width, Variable Lengths Up to 6′
Engineered Construction, 1.5 mm Peeled Veneer
Birch, Hickory
Genuine hand scraped texture and bevels
Urethane Finish

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