How to Sell MAXX Floors Luxury Vinyl Plank

MAXX Floors™ features both WPC click lock and LooseLay constructions to suit your customer’s needs. Unlike competing products, MAXX Floors™ has superior surface protection, acoustic properties, and is environmentally friendly.

Superior Surface Protection

Every board is coated with UltraShield™, a urethane finish containing tiny beads of ceramic. These beads add durability and anti-slip properties to the wear layer. In addition to protecting against scratches and scrapes, the transparent coating also safeguards vinyl flooring against stains and fading.

Both types of flooring also have a 20 mil wear layer, adding extra protection over the design layer. This superior surface protection means a lifetime residential and commercial warranty against wear, fade, or stains.

Industry-leading Acoustic Properties

Additionally, MAXX Floors™ is an industry leader in sound-proofed flooring. Every board comes with integrated sound abatement, eliminating the need for using an acoustical pad. The floors also have an STC rating of 62 – 25% better than other floors with ratings of 50.

Environmentally Friendly

MAXX Floors™ is also an environmentally friendly choice and is FloorScore® certified, LEED 4.0 Compliant, HPD (Healthcare Product Declaration) Compliant.


WPC Click Lock

Key Features: I4F Locking System and 2 mm EVA Padding

While all WPC floors are “waterproof,” many products leak liquid through the seams to the subfloor below. MAXX Floors™’s I4F locking system allows liquid to sit on top of the floor for days – without a drop migrating underneath the floor. This means spills or accidents that go unnoticed are worry-free.

This unique drop-lock installation system eliminates the need for an additional insert on the short side. This product saves your installers valuable time as they complete these jobs an average of 30% faster than market-leading locking systems.

The double-thick padding attached to the back of the floor also provides multiple benefits including:

  • Superior comfort and cushion – feels more like wood than other LVT
  • Sound reduction (eliminates the need for any additional acoustical pad)
  • Forgiving of subfloor imperfections
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Seams are dimensionally stable – won’t move over time


Key Features:

    • Made from completely virgin material which reduces expansion & contraction
    • 2 layers of fiberglass in the product make it more rigid than its competitors
    • Allows unskilled maintenance crews to perform plank replacements
    • Best in commercial applications where the product is susceptible to damage
    • Includes acoustics and underlayment all in one, eliminating 3 steps from the installation process

Installation Photos



MAXX Floor’s WPC Click Lock Construction

WPC Click Lock
Dimensions: 9” x 48”
Thickness: 6mm product/8mm width EVA pad
UV Coating: Ultra Shield™ Ceramic Bead UV Top Coat
Wearlayer: 20 mil
Warranty: Lifetime Residential, 20-year Commercial

MAXX Floor’s LooseLay Construction

Dimensions: 9” x 48”
Thickness: 5mm product
UV Coating: Ultra Shield™ Ceramic Bead UV Top Coat
Wearlayer: 20 mil
Warranty: Lifetime Residential, 20-year Commercial

Product information: Installation and Warranty Guides

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