How to Prepare Your Wood Floor for the Holidays

How to Clean Your Hardwood Floor for the Holidays

Wanting to know how to clean your hardwood floor for the holidays?

When the holiday season comes around, it’s time for baking sugar cookies, warming up your wood fireplace, and getting your home ready for friends and family.

In the midst of all the caroling, parties and gift shopping, there’s one thing that often goes forgotten: cleaning your wood floors.

Don’t forget your wood floors this season

How to prepare your wood floor for the holidays
Keeping your home clean during prep for parties doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Keep reading to learn more about some simple ways to clean your wood floor.

Snow, mud, sugar, turkey pieces, dog hair, pine needles – just a few things your floor may come into contact with in the next couple of months.

Keeping your wood floor clean doesn’t have to take time away from the festivities. After all, wood floors are one of the easiest flooring surfaces to clean.

By choosing a wood floor, you’ve already made a great investment and excellent decorating choice for family reunions and holiday gatherings. Dirt and debris are easy to vacuum and sweep up – which is great for keeping your home free of allergens.

Keep reading to learn 3 simple ways to keep your wood floors shining this season.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors for the Holidays

  • Protect your floors from scratches and dirt. This can be best accomplished with walk-off mats at every entryway. Additionally, now is a good time to attach foam pads to your furniture, just in case you need to move things around for sleepovers or opening presents.

Get all the tips for protecting your floors from scratches here!

Using a walk off mat inside your doorway will protect your wood floor from scratches and dirt. Learn more tips for preventing scratches in our article here.

Download our free cleaning guide to keep on hand during the holidays.

  • Take a look at your gutters and downspouts. ‘Tis the season for 25 degrees and snow, followed by a 50 degree day and puddles. Keeping water flowing away from your home will prevent moisture from seeping into your foundation and wood floors.

Learn how to clean your gutters and downspouts here. 

How cleaning your gutters can save your wood floors
Learn more about how cleaning your gutters can save your wood floors in our article below! Bookmark this page to keep for the future.

Give some grace

Most importantly, give yourself some grace. While this season is known as the most wonderful, for many it can be the most stressful. Having an Instagram-worthy home isn’t worthwhile if you can’t be present with your loved ones.

Wood floors are durable and very forgiving. They’re meant to be lived on and enjoyed. This is why we recommend them for families with kids and pets (and those with a big extended family too!).

With these simple tips, you can keep your wood floors clean and get back to making memories with your friends and family.

And if on January 2, you see a bright white scratch on your dark floor, we have some simple solutions for hiding them.

Clean Hardwood Floor for the Holidays
Get some simple tips for keeping your wood floors and home clean during reunions, parties and celebrating. Download a PDF version below!



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