Color Matched Caulk
Fix wood floor mistakes with color matched caulk

Fix wood floor mistakes with color matched caulk

Think of one of your recent wood floor installations. What hiccups and problems occurred?

Every wood floor project has its own quirks and issues.

Sometimes the floor isn’t perfectly parallel with the wall. Other times, little gaps appear here and there that need to be fixed – especially if a complicated staircase or trim work is involved.

Wouldn’t it be great to use a color matched caulk that would blend in with your finished wood floor? And take care of all the minor nicks, gaps, or uneven trim pieces you just installed?

Try ColorRite color matched caulk

Fill In Gaps Near Stairs With a Color Matched Caulk
Fill In Gaps Near Stairs With a Color Matched Caulk. Download our list of color matches here.

To help you perfectly touch-up mistakes, we now provide ColorRite color matched caulk at all of our locations.

ColorRite fills gaps and holes in:

  • All types of hard surface flooring
  • Stair treads
  • Wall base
  • Mitre joints
  • Wood trim pieces
  • Door jams
  • Transition pieces

As a siliconized acrylic adhesive caulk, ColorRite works well and cleans up easily. Additionally, it fills up to a ¼” gap and resists mold, mildew, and moisture. It also is easy to apply, just follow the direction on the package.

But here is the best part about this product:

Nearly all our prefinished flooring collections match to a ColorRite caulk color. Now you can easily choose the exact caulk you need for your touch-up job. Download the list of colors here:

Fix Wood Floor Mistakes With Color Matched Caulk
We have matched our prefinished flooring collections to ColorRite caulk. Download the list of matches to see which colors you need for your project.


We’ve matched both a light and a dark caulk color for each of our prefinished floors.

Using both a dark and light shade that is color matched to the floor allows you to fix wood floor mistakes quickly and easily.

With ColorRite color matched caulk, you can present a beautiful wood floor to your customer that you can be really proud of.

Fix Wood Floor Mistakes With Color Matched Caulk
Fix Wood Floor Mistakes With Color Matched Caulk. Download the list of our colors here.

Get a color matched caulk at your nearest Master’s Craft

Stop by or call your nearest Master’s Craft to order the right color matched caulk for your floor. We’ll help you find the right match for a sand and finish floor or let you know what colors match up to a prefinished floor.

See some scratches and dents on the floor, too?

Whether the marks were left accidentally by your team, another trade, or months after the installation, they can still be a headache for your customer. Keeping a touch-up kit nearby can help you quickly fix wood floor mistakes without a full re-sand or board repair.

Find out what we recommend keeping in your touch-up kit here.

Wood Floor Touch Up Kit Guide
Get all the tools for your touch up kit. Download our shopping list to see everything that you need.


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