How To Fix An Open Knot In Wood Flooring

How To Fix An Open Knot In Wood Flooring

An open or broken knot hole may not be all that serious of a problem, but it can cause great concern in a homeowner.

They may be asking questions like:

  • Is my floor falling apart?
  • Did I buy a good quality floor?
  • Will this happen to other areas of the floor?

A simple fix involves a hot soldering iron and some wax. With a few simple steps, you can fill in that knot hole and reassure your customer that they have a great floor that will last a lifetime.

Want to learn more about using a wood floor touch up kit?

One of the best tools and skills you can have as a flooring professional is a good wood floor touch up kit, and the ability to fix problems that seem big to the homeowner, but are actually pretty isolated.

Check out our guide to wood floor touch ups to learn how you can quickly and professionally fix scratches, dents, and chips. We also have a free checklist of all the things you need to build your own wood floor touch up kit here:

Wood Floor Touch Up Kit


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