Mapei UltraCoat ReNewIt System Demo – Dallas

Event Details

See how Mapei’s UltraCoat ReNewIt System recoats prefinished wood floors – without sanding!

Stop by Friday, May 31 from 8 am – 12 pm for donuts and a demo. Tim McCool will be here all morning to demo the system.

Why stop by?

With the popularity of prefinished floors increasing, the need for maintenance recoating is also rising.

Having a solution for this need will help you gain more business and keep your customers maintain the beauty of their wood floor.

Mapei’s Ultracoat ReNewIt System gives you the ability to add years of life to a prefinished floor (even textured ones!) without sanding it.

It’s also a great solution for prefinished floors that can’t be re-sanded.

We’d love for you to stop by on Friday, May 31, from 8-12, as Tim McCool demos the system.

See you here!

mapei ultracoat renewit system

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