Bona Demo Day about Bona Craft Oil 2K at The Master's Craft
Bona Demo Day

Bona Demo Day – Denver

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Bona Craft Oil 2K & Wire Brush Demo Day

Bona Craft Oil 2K – Performance, Versatility and Design

All the benefits of a natural oil finish plus the performance you expect from Bona. The elongated open time of Bona Craft Oil 2K along with its ability to set up quickly makes it easier to work with and allows for light use in just 8 hours.

• Uniquely long open time and pot life – easy to work with
• Fast and secure curing – functional on many tropical wood species
• Extremely high degree of saturation
• Allows for upright application with squeegee or roller
• Very low solvent content
• Spot-repairable
• Intermixable colours
• Overcoatable with Bona Traffic, Bona Traffic HD and Traffic Natural

Join Bona’s territory managers for a demonstration on Bona Craft Oil at The Master’s Craft – Denver. Attendance is free and all questions are welcome.

Stop by from 8 am – 12 pm – we’ll also have free donuts!

Hope to see you there!


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