Floors with color variation

It is certainly frustrating to be disappointed in the appearance of your new floor.

Natural wood floors stickers
These stickers are placed on our display boards to help customers understand that wood is a natural product.

Wood flooring is a natural product that has many variations in grain, color and appearance. Stains, finishes, and other products that are applied to wood floors may bring out further natural variations in the product.

Because no two trees, and therefore, no two flooring boards will ever be exactly alike, we require as part of our Installation Guide that all flooring be inspected and approved prior to installation.

We understand that job-sites and installation schedules are often hectic. However, because wood floors represent a significant purchase for most homeowners and are the focal point of many homes, we believe homeowners must visually inspect and approve their floor prior to installation.

This involves opening a reasonable number of flooring boxes (based on the job size) and showing the homeowner the lot of flooring that will be installed in their home prior to installation.

Is approving the floor based on a showroom sample good enough?

We do not recommend a final approval based on a showroom sample.

While showroom samples are helpful to compare different floors and help make buying decisions, they are similar to paint swatches. You are not likely to choose the paint for your walls based on a small paint swatch in a store. You would want to see that paint on your wall before painting your whole house.

Wood flooring samples are the same. Over time they can change due to sunlight, air, cleaning, and other factors. Flooring color and appearance is also affected by interior lighting.

A final approval should always be done in the home with the lot of flooring to be installed.

One Of A Kind Wood Floors

one of a kind wood floors
These stickers are placed on display boards that should be considered a color concept with unique color variations.

In addition to the normal variations of a natural wood floor, some of the methods that manufacturers use to stain their floors involve special color processes that react with chemicals and other components within the wood.

These methods can create beautiful, unique results that are very popular.

It’s important to remember that these reactive stains and other color process are difficult to sample because each lot may vary significantly. Samples of these wood floors should be considered as a “color concept”, and by choosing one of these floors you will have a truly unique wood floor.

This is another reason to always ensure that the homeowner makes a final approval in their home based on the lot of flooring to be installed.

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