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Wood Floor Scratches: 3 Ways to Protect Your Wood Floors

The first scratch is always the worst. Whether your car, your shiny iPhone, or your new hardwood floors, a scratch or gouge can make you feel like the whole thing is ruined. For a while, a few more marks of “wear and tear” get added in. Then slowly over time you accept that your brand …

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How To Fix An Open Knot In Wood Flooring

An open or broken knot hole may not be all that serious of a problem, but it can cause great concern in a homeowner. They may be asking questions like: Is my floor falling apart? Did I buy a good quality floor? Will this happen to other areas of the floor? A simple fix involves …

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How To Fix Scratched Wood Flooring With Wax

Fixing scratched wood flooring doesn’t always require a complete resand and refinish. A deep scratch often comes from moving heavy objects across the floor, or forgetting to put felt protectors on furniture legs. Overtime, the normal use of that furniture and the slight movements it makes may leave very deep scratches in the wood flooring. …

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