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How to Sell Brick & Board

How to Sell Brick & Board

A reinterpreted take on a classic wood floor, the Brick and Board Collection from Real Wood Floors is our go-to collection to show a customer who is starting the floor buying process. Available in 3 species and 8 colors, the collection gives a modern look to a traditional wood floor. SEE MORE OF OUR PREFINISHED …

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How to Sell Ponderosa

How To Sell The Ponderosa Collection

Ponderosa handcrafted planks bring warmth and character into the home for homeowners that want the beauty of a wood floor while keeping their budget and active lifestyle in mind. Although the 5-inch hand-scraped hickory and birch is a pretty common product in the wood flooring industry, our Ponderosa plank stands out for a couple key …

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How to Sell Saltbox

How to Sell the Saltbox Collection

Weathered texture, random widths, and soft sheen of the Saltbox Collection bring the historic look and feel of the Saltbox style to a home. First appearing in the mid-17th century, the Saltbox style home was named for its resemblance to the popular kitchen fixture of the day. Known as a New England icon, they featured …

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How to Sell 1875

How To Sell The Eighteen Seventy-Five Collection

Wide planks, long lengths, and artisan color treatments are all aspects of high-end luxury floors. The Eighteen Seventy-Five Collection from Real Wood Floors includes all of these features at an affordable price. In early 19th century London, Marc Brunel pioneered a new technique for slicing veneers from hardwood lumber. Perfected in 1875, this process maximizes …

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How to Sell Vintage Loft

How To Sell Vintage Loft

With bandsaw marks and lots of character, Vintage Loft from Real Wood Floors is reminiscent of worn-in, well-loved floors you see in hundred-year-old buildings. The collection features wide boards (8 1/2″) and long lengths (up to 8′) that show off the reclaimed textures. This year, Real Wood Floors has added four new colors to the …

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Bargain Mansions Belinder House Marked By A Nail

Marked By A Nail

There was a tree that was marked by a nail. The heartwood of this tree was incredibly strong. Throughout its rings of growth, there was not a single blemish. You couldn’t tell this from the exterior, as it looked like every other tree. This tree didn’t accumulate many growth rings, not compared to the others. …

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How to Prepare Your Wood Floor for the Holidays Business as missions: Giving back to our customers

Business as Missions: Giving Back To Our Customers

When we first started our charity golf tournament, the idea originated from the suggestion of several customers. Tulsa manager Rod Ratliff regularly played golf with several customers. After talking about the idea with them, he decided to host a charity golf tournament with our customers and partners. Rod thought this would be in line with …

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What Does Business as Mission Mean?

What Does Business As Mission Mean?

You may have heard us talk about our philosophy of “business as mission.” But what does this really mean? Changing the why and the way people do business Our mission is to change the why and the way people use business. We believe that one of our biggest callings is to use our everyday skills …

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