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How To Fix A Deep Gouge in Wire-Brushed Wood Flooring

A deep gouge in a wire brushed floor may seem like a nightmare to fix, and a good candidate for a full board replacement. If the gouge is deep enough, the raw wood is probably showing through. Plus, the wire-brushed texture makes this seem like a complicated fix that putty is not going to do …

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How To Fix An Open Knot In Wood Flooring

An open or broken knot hole may not be all that serious of a problem, but it can cause great concern in a homeowner. They may be asking questions like: Is my floor falling apart? Did I buy a good quality floor? Will this happen to other areas of the floor? A simple fix involves …

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How To Fix A Deep Scratch In Wood Flooring With Wax

Deep scratches in wood flooring often come from moving heavy objects across the floor, or forgetting to put felt protectors on furniture legs. Overtime, the normal use of that furniture and the slight movements it makes may leave very deep scratches in the wood flooring. Mixing various colors of wax to match the color of …

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How to fix a chipped edge on a wood floor

How To Fix A Chipped Edge On Wood Flooring

A chipped or broken edge on a wood flooring board can be unsightly and dangerous. Anyone walking across the floor could snag their socks, or end up with a splinter in their toe! Using hot wax, and a few simple tools, a chipped or broken edge can be made to look like it never happened …

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How To Fix A Long White Scratch On Wood Flooring

Few things stand out more than a long white scratch in a medium or dark prefinished wood floor. The urethane finishes that many prefinished flooring manufacturers use in today’s prefinished wood floors contain a mineral called Aluminum Oxide. Aluminum Oxide makes the finish incredibly durable and long lasting, however, the drawback is that if the …

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“What’s Trending In 2018?”

Grays, “Fixer Upper” farmhouse style, minimalist – just a few of the many trends right now when it comes to interior design. Forecasting trends in any industry is hard. Determining wood flooring trends is no different, so we turned to the experts – our customers. They understand better what is going on in their markets …

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Wood Floor Moisture and Acclimation Guide

Moisture issues can affect hardwood flooring at every part of the installation process, from acclimating your wood floors to doing repairs after an installation. To guide you through the various moisture and acclimation issues, we’ve pulled together some helpful resources from our own experience and from industry experts. These resources will give you an overview …

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