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Subfloor Prep for Hardwood

Watch our video “Prepping Your Subfloor for Hardwood”: Subfloor Preparation: Why Is It Important? When you’re trying to get the job done, subfloor preparation feels like it can slow the process down without providing any benefit. You may ask yourself, “Is it really noticeable if the floor is slightly out of level or not flat?” …

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How To Replace One Board In A Floor

Watch our video “How to Replace One Board In A Floor”:   Do you need to remove a problem board in your floor? Our new how-to video will take you step-by-step-through the process of removing a single board in the floor and replacing it like nothing ever happened! We get it – stuff happens. Water …

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Flooring Distribution Delays: COVID-19’s Effect

Industries all over the world are feeling the effects of COVID-19. Unfortunately, hardwood flooring distribution is not exempt. The primary problem facing the wood flooring industry is the delay of prefinished flooring shipments from overseas. Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Asia, there have been major logistical issues worldwide. To help you understand the …

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