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Troubleshooting Your Humidifier

“I want to buy your most expensive bottle of wine.” This guy didn’t know what he was saying. I was living in Spain at the time, and we were taking a friend and his buddy around for a little tour. We happened to be in Toledo at a wine and cheese shop. This guy was …

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Winter is Near: Drier than the Sahara

Last week I wrote about how the relative humidity of indoor air is affected by temperature, and that it is feasible for RH levels to drop to as low as 7% during the winter. I had this thought, but if you have a home at 7% RH, would it be drier than the Sahara desert? …

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Winter is Near: 35 and Raining

It’s 35 degrees outside and raining. That’s basically the most miserable weather scenario I can think of. Too warm to be snowing, too cold and miserable to be outside; cloudy, dark, and raining.  Yuck.  Hope your HVAC humidifier is running. Otherwise you’ll be dry as a bone inside. Now hold up a second there you …

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Winter is Near: Bring on the Heat!

I started installing over 1,000 feet of Sappy Ipe in my home in November of 2011. It was a very warm fall in Omaha, and it had barely gotten below freezing up until right before Thanksgiving. I’m a wood floor “expert,” so I understand the basics of wood floor acclimation. I brought the floor in …

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