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30 years ago the year was 1985. Lionel Richie’s album, Can’t Slow Down topped the billboard charts and Weird Al’s parody, Eat It, was still going strong. Jackson’s Thriller video captivated audiences while Back To The Future was setting box office records. If all of this sounds familiar to you then you will not be surprised by this next fact. The picture below is from my West Tennessee home when 7 finger parquet was as popular as Ghostbusters or the band Chicago.

piture1Parquet flooring may have lost its appeal and when you encounter one today, it definitely shows its age. But is it worth replacing if it is still in good condition?  Many homeowners who discover an old floor like this under their carpet may think that this outdated style is no longer available. Though the look originated in a different decade, parquet flooring is still available in several patterns.

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So you may be wondering, “Where did these finger or slat patterns originate and why?”  Years ago mills and specialty wood shops accumulated scrap from the production of other flooring and wood products that were too small to use for strip flooring but too large to discard or burn.  As with any by-product, to reclaim it for another purpose like a parquet floor that could be sold, would increase the overall utilization of material and bring down the cost to the consumer.  Whether this is still the practice today is unlikely since the price for parquet flooring is generally equal to or more than a common grade oak floor.

image2The NWFA Hardwood Floors Magazine published a great article on how to make your own Parquet flooring out of leftover or excess material, published in their October/November 2002 Issue. To find out more…



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